What is the Best Crypto Tracker – Ultimate Guide 2023


Do you have difficulty keeping up with all the changes happening in the crypto market? Do you struggle to stay on top of portfolio performance and track your earnings across digital assets? If so, you’re not alone! Many bitcoin holders find it difficult to manage their investments effectively and accurately monitor the value of their coins. Fortunately, there’s a great solution: the best crypto tracker. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top crypto trackers, what makes an effective crypto tracking software, and why it is a useful tool for any crypto investor. Read on for more information about how crypto trackers can help you take control of your investments!

What Is a Crypto Tracker?

A cryptocurrency tracker is a comprehensive software tool that allows cryptocurrency investors to monitor and manage their digital assets in real-time. It provides a centralized platform that integrates multiple wallets, exchanges, platforms, and blockchains, enabling users to track their total crypto holdings, current value, market trends, and trading opportunities.

With a cryptocurrency tracker, investors can keep track of their historic transactions, including the value of each trade, the source, and the destination of funds. This feature is particularly useful for tax and accounting purposes, providing a clear and transparent record of all crypto transactions.

Additionally, a crypto tracker provides live, up-to-date prices for every cryptocurrency it supports, allowing users to monitor market fluctuations and make informed investment decisions. Moreover, some crypto trackers enable investors to trade assets on multiple exchanges within one platform, simplifying the trading process and providing added convenience.

Overall, a cryptocurrency tracker is essential for any serious crypto investor who wants to stay on top of their digital assets and maximize their returns. Its ability to integrate multiple wallets, exchanges, and blockchains into a single platform and its real-time updates and comprehensive transaction history make it an invaluable asset in crypto trading.

10 Best Crypto Trackers in 2023

Here is the list of the ten best crypto trackers in 2023:

  • CoinStats
  • CoinTracker
  • Uphold
  • Kubera
  • CoinLedger 
  • Pionex
  • Delta
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Altrady
  • CryptoTrader.Tax

1. CoinStats

CoinStats is a cryptocurrency tracking app and platform that provides accurate and real-time updates on the crypto market, with support for over 8000 cryptocurrencies, 26 exchanges, and 34 wallets. It also provides detailed analytics, transaction details, and a personalized crypto news feed sourced from 40 news sites.


  • Wide platform support: 

CoinStats works on iOS, Android, web, Mac desktop, iWatch, widgets, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad App, and Google Chrome extension.

  • Personalized news feed: 

Users can customize their crypto news feed with sources from 40 news sites to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Wallet and API integration: 

CoinStats allows users to connect to over 30 wallets and API sources, including Ledger, Metamask, Binance, Ethereum, Trust, and more, giving them a comprehensive overview of their crypto portfolio.

  • Trading and purchasing:

Users can trade crypto directly from the platform, purchase it with a credit card and immediately transfer it to a connected wallet.

  • Security: 

CoinStats integrates advanced security features, including keeping API Keys on an AWS Vault service separated from personal information and conducting regular security audits on portfolios.


CoinStats offers a range of subscription plans, with a free version providing limited features. The Pro plan costs $3.49/month and includes an unlimited portfolio, exchange, wallet connections, personalized alerts, and advanced charts and analytics. The Premium plan costs $13.99/month and includes all Pro features, tax filing integrations, and priority support. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cryptocurrency trader, CoinStats offers a range of features and pricing options to meet your needs.

2. CoinTracker

CoinTracker is a cutting-edge portfolio tracker application that allows users to manage their cryptocurrency investments by providing a comprehensive breakdown of portfolio performance. The platform’s intuitive user interface lets users quickly track their assets in real-time. Additionally, the application integrates with leading wallets and exchanges, simplifying the tracking of crypto investments.


  • Wide Support for Cryptocurrencies and Exchanges

It covers 8,000 cryptocurrencies across over 300 exchanges and includes popular platforms such as Coinbase, Binance, and eToro.

  • Automated Capital Gains Tax Reporting

It provides real-time reporting of capital gains tax, saves users’ time, and reduces hassle.

  • Wallet Integration for Up-to-Date Asset Data

It connects to popular hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor and ensures users have accurate and current information on their digital assets.

  • Detailed Analysis of Currency Performance

It offers in-depth insight into the overall performance of each cryptocurrency. Moreover, it helps users better understand the results of their investments.

  • Tax-Loss Harvesting for Maximizing Returns

It facilitates tax-loss harvesting to take advantage of losses come tax season and also helps users minimize their tax liabilities and maximize returns.

  • Easy Tax Report Generation

It generates easy-to-read tax reports for filing annual tax returns and helps users prepare the necessary tax information for reporting.

  • Streamlined Portfolio Data Management

It enables users to consolidate their portfolio data management and allows for effortless exportation of CSV files from exchanges.


CoinTracker has a free basic account. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a paid account with a Hobbyist plan for $59, a Premium plan for $199, or an Unlimited plan with custom pricing. However, despite the high prices, CoinTracker’s outstanding features and capabilities make it a must-have tool for cryptocurrency traders and investors looking to keep track of their portfolios effectively. In addition, the application has helped users track $20 billion worth of capital gains and volume and claim $600 million in capital losses through effective tax reporting.

3. Uphold

Uphold is an innovative app allowing users to manage and trade their investments seamlessly. With Uphold, users can store and trade various assets, including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, precious metals, and equities, all in one place. The app offers an easy-to-use interface that displays the list of assets and their balances, variation in total balance over time, and portfolio balance in a graph form.


  • Trading and Exchanging Assets: 

Uphold allows users to trade and exchange a wide range of assets seamlessly. Users can trade crypto to crypto, precious metals, stocks, and fiat currencies with zero trading fees. Only spreads are charged, and these are between 0.8% to 1.2% for crypto-crypto transactions, 0.2% to 3% for precious metals, 0.2% for fiat currencies, and 1.0% for US equities.

  • Crypto Staking: 

Uphold also offers a unique feature where users can stake their cryptocurrencies and track the history of all rewards.

  • Uphold Card: 

To make it easier for users to spend their cryptocurrencies, Uphold offers Uphold Card that allows users to cash back on purchases.

  • Portfolio Settings: 

Uphold allows users to set the list of assets alphabetically or by balance from the portfolio settings. It also provides transaction histories for trades, exchanged, and received/sent crypto or other assets.

  • Tax Forms: 

Uphold provides tax forms for account holders who want to report on taxation. Users can easily calculate their taxes by connecting the platform to third-party software like Accounting and CSV.

  • Android and iOS App: 

Uphold offers Android and iOS apps for on-the-go portfolio tracking.


Uphold is free to use. There are no setup costs, maintenance costs, or subscription fees. Users can enjoy all the features provided by Uphold without any hidden charges. However, spreads are charged for trading and exchanging assets, which may vary based on the type of asset being traded.

4. Kubera

Kubera is a comprehensive financial tracking software that allows users to track cryptocurrency portfolios alongside stocks, ETFs, and other traditional financial instruments. Developed to meet the demands of the modern age, Kubera lets you keep a close eye on all your assets in one place, allowing for better and more informed investment decisions.


  • Multiple Asset Tracking: 

With Kubera, you can add crypto assets from multiple exchanges and wallets and various other asset types from over 20,000 banks supported by the software.

  • Real-time Data Sync: 

Kubera syncs your transactions and balances across all your connected accounts in real time, so you always have the latest data at your fingertips.

  • Secure Password Storage: 

Kubera employs bank-level security measures to ensure the privacy and security of your account information. It also offers robust password management tools to help you keep all your login credentials organized and protected.

  • Automated Reporting: 

Kubera generates consolidated reports that give you insight into your financial position, investment performance, and tax implications automatically. These reports can be customized to suit your needs and easily shared with accountants or financial advisors.


Kubera is a paid service that costs $12 per month. While no Android version is available, the software works seamlessly on Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS devices. The subscription fee gives users access to all the features of Kubera, including the ability to track all their assets in one place, automate reporting and analysis, and manage their passwords and security settings. With its user-friendly interface and advanced functionality, Kubera is an ideal solution for anyone looking to take control of their finances and investments.

5. CoinLedger 

CoinLedger is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and tax platform that provides an easy-to-use interface, as well as automatic imports from several exchanges and blockchains, such as Coinbase and Ethereum.It is designed to cater to everyday crypto investors who are not tech or finance experts.


  • Exchange and Blockchain Integrations: 

CoinLedger provides easy integration with exchanges and blockchains that remove the hassle of manual data entry for crypto transactions.

  • Automated Crypto Tax Reports: 

The platform offers a comprehensive report for crypto taxes with a single click of a button for the convenience of its users.

  • Tax Loss Harvesting Opportunities: 

CoinLedger helps its users identify tax loss harvesting opportunities in minutes, helping them save thousands of dollars on their tax bills.

  • Sleek Interface: 

The platform is designed to be straightforward, even for those not particularly tech or finance savvy. CoinLedger strives to provide the best user experience through its intuitive dashboard.


CoinLedger offers four different pricing tiers. The Free plan is suitable for those with minimal crypto holdings or who want to try out the platform before making any financial commitment. The Hobbyist plan costs $49/year and is appropriate for those with moderate portfolio size. The Investor plan is priced at $99/year and provides more advanced features and higher transaction limits. The Unlimited plan, which costs $199/year, includes all features and has no restrictions on portfolio size or transactions.

6. Pionex

Pionex is an innovative and user-friendly crypto trading platform that allows investors to automate their trading activities without constantly monitoring the markets. This web-based platform aggregates liquidity from Binance and Huobi Global, offering users access to a wide range of trading bots and low trading fees. Pionex recently upgraded its wallet service and continues to provide investors with flexible and customizable trading tools to optimize their experiences.


  • 18 Free Trading Bots: 

Pionex offers users access to 18 free trading bots, maximizing their earnings while minimizing risks.

  • Low Trading Fees: 

With a trading fee of only 0.05% for both makers and takers, Pionex’s fee is one of the lowest in the market.

  • Fully Customizable Interface: 

Users can access a fully customizable and intuitive interface with built-in live chats to ensure seamless trading experiences.

  • TradingView Charts: 

Pionex’s integration with TradingView allows users to perform technical analysis on the platform.

  • Light and Dark Modes: 

Pionex’s interface offers light and dark modes to cater to different traders’ preferences.

  • Grid Trading Bot: 

Pionex’s Grid Trading Bot allows users to buy assets at lower prices and sell them at higher prices within a specific price range.

  • Leveraged Grid Bot: 

This bot provides up to 5x leverage, enabling users to earn larger profits from their trades.

  • Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bots: 

This bot helps retail investors earn passive income at low risk, with an estimated return of 15~50% APR.

  • Martingale Bot: 

This bot allows investors to perform DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) buys and one-time sales to capture fluctuations in profit.

  • Rebalancing Bot: 

Pionex’s Rebalancing Bot helps users manage their coin holdings, ensuring they maintain a balanced portfolio.

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot: 

This bot sets up repeated purchases at regular intervals to offset the effects of volatility.

  • Smart Trade Terminal: 

Pionex’s Smart Trade Terminal enables traders to set up stop-loss, take profit, and trail in one trade, allowing for greater control.

  • U.S. FinCEN’s MSB License Approved: 

Pionex has secured the U.S. FinCEN’s MSB License, ensuring regulatory compliance and user safety.


Pionex is free to use, with no subscription or hidden fees. Users only need to pay the minimal trading fees associated with their trades. With a range of free trading bots and low fees, Pionex is an attractive option for novice and experienced traders.

7. Delta

Delta is a feature-rich cryptocurrency tracking app that has emerged as a tough competitor to Blockfolio. With over one million app installs and global users, Delta offers an unparalleled experience to crypto investors. The app supports over 3000 crypto assets and allows users to add their preferred coins even when no exchange supports them. Delta also offers ICO support services to help investors stay updated on upcoming tokens and ICO launches.


  • Comprehensive Portfolio Manager 

View your entire asset portfolio, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Delta lets you see your asset values in BTC, ETH, or any local fiat currency. 

  • Exchange and Wallet Support 

Easily import your transactions from dozens of supported cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges within minutes, all while maintaining seamlessness.

  • Overview of the Market & Watchlists 

Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings with your assets. With Delta, you can quickly access current prices, team information, communications, the latest trend chart, holdings, and asset profit/loss. Utilize Delta’s watchlist feature to catch up with only the cryptocurrencies you find relevant.

  • Detailed Analysis of Trade 

Get in-depth insights on your asset splits, locations, sources, most-used exchanges, and services.

  • Delta Direct 

Stay informed about upcoming ICO and token launches, thanks to Delta Direct. As a communication hub for relevant crypto investment information, ICO teams can educate potential investors on their upcoming launches.


Delta can be downloaded for free on iOS or Android. However, Delta also offers a Pro version of the app for $59.99 annually. The Pro version gives users access to even more features, including tracking their portfolios across multiple devices.

8. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a popular crypto price tracker that allows you to keep track of the prices and value of over 11,000 cryptocurrencies. The platform is available as a web platform and an Android and iOS app, making it accessible to crypto enthusiasts on the go. You can add your coins and use the platform’s competitive charting and data tools to plan future purchases and sales based on predicted price movements.


  • Compare Coin Performance with CryptoCompare:

The CryptoCompare tab on the app compares the market performance of any two coins through interactive charts, enabling users to make informed investment decisions. With over 5,500 cryptocurrencies and 270 exchanges listed, the feature provides a powerful tool for analyzing market trends.

  • Real-Time News Updates:

Get the latest news and updates from reputable crypto news websites and organizations directly on the app. Stay on top of the latest developments in the crypto market, including regulatory updates, emerging technologies, and market trends.

  • Real-Time Portfolio Tracking with CoinMarketCap:

CoinMarketCap’s feature allows users to view the value of their cryptocurrency holdings in real time across 90+ fiat currencies. The feature provides instant insights into the performance of your portfolio, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  • Precious Metals Tracking:

In addition to cryptocurrency tracking, the platform includes real-time tracking of precious metals like Gold, Silver, and Platinum in over 90 fiat currencies. This feature enables users to diversify their investments beyond the crypto market.

  • Incognito Mode for Privacy:

The app offers an incognito mode that provides users privacy while logged in, allowing them to manage their accounts without compromising their security.

  • ICO Calendar and Notifications:

The platform also includes an ICO calendar that provides users with a comprehensive list of upcoming ICOs. The notification feature ensures that users stay informed about the latest trends in the crypto market, enabling them to make profitable investments.


CoinMarketCap is free, making it accessible to anyone looking to get started with crypto. The platform offers a range of comprehensive features at no cost, providing an excellent resource for both seasoned and novice crypto enthusiasts. CoinMarketCap’s commitment to accessibility and affordability has made it a favorite among crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

9. Altrady

Altrady is an all-in-one platform that allows traders to monitor markets and manage their assets across different exchanges. With Already, users can easily trade and manage multiple crypto assets across some of the most popular and trusted exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken.


  • Interactive Charting: 

Altrady’s interactive charting feature provides traders with detailed insights into the market. Users can use charts to analyze and make informed decisions.

  • Multiple Trading Order Types: 

tAltrady offers multiple trading order types, including limit, stop, market, and trailing stop orders, allowing traders to customize their trades.

  • Automation: 

The platform also offers seamless automation of trades, which helps traders to take advantage of market opportunities and optimize profits.

  • Aggressive Portfolio Tracking: 

The break-even calculator helps to track portfolio performance, while real-time alerts keep traders informed about market developments.

  • Intelligent Automation:

Altrady allows the integration of various trading bots like ApexTrader, Nefertiti, Zignaly, and CryptoPHP, providing traders with more intelligent automation options.


Altrady offers two pricing plans: the Basic Plan and the Advanced Plan. The Basic Plan costs €12.95 monthly and is suitable for beginners as it has basic features. The Advanced Plan costs €29.95 monthly and has advanced features like unlimited trading pairs and API integration. Users get a 14-day trial period to test the platform’s features before committing to a plan. Altrady also offers a customized enterprise plan for high-volume traders with specialized needs.

10. CryptoTrader.Tax

CryptoTrader.Tax is a comprehensive portfolio tracking tool that simplifies the complicated tax reporting process for cryptocurrency investors. With this platform, investors can track their trading activities across multiple exchanges and generate reports for capital gains and incomes, making tax calculation and payment much easier.


  • Wide Range of Crypto Asset Support:

CryptoTrader.Tax supports over 10,000 crypto assets from unlimited exchanges, making it one of the most comprehensive portfolio tracking tools.

  • Data Importation: 

This platform allows seamless data importation of crypto trades from an array of supported exchanges or manually imported from any exchange that is not supported.

  • Trading Reports: 

Investors can view their trading reports on CryptoTrader.Tax, giving them a complete insight into their trading activities.

  • Tax Reporting: 

With the tax reporting feature, investors can generate reports for capital gains and incomes, an essential requirement for meeting cryptocurrency investments’ tax obligations.


CryptoTrader.Tax offers various pricing options, depending on the user’s needs. The Basic version costs $49 and can support up to 100 trades. The Pro version supports up to 1,500 trades and costs $99. The Unlimited version offers unlimited trades and multiple portfolios and costs $299. The affordable pricing plan makes it accessible to professionals and casual investors alike. Additionally, investors can request custom pricing for larger portfolios.

What Are the Characteristics of a High-Quality Crypto/Portfolio Tracker?

A portfolio tracker is crucial for investors to monitor and manage their investments effectively. However, not all portfolio trackers are created equal, and it’s crucial to know what features to look for when choosing a portfolio tracker tailored to your investment strategy and goals. Below we have given some of the features you must consider:

  • Free Version/Trial Period:

One of the most critical features of a good portfolio tracker is a free version or trial period. That allows investors to test the platform and determine whether it fits their needs without committing financially. A free version allows investors to explore the platform’s capabilities without financial risk.

  • Integrate With Blockchains and Exchanges:

Another important feature is the ability to integrate with blockchains and exchanges. That is especially beneficial for investors who make frequent transactions across multiple platforms. By syncing transactions automatically, investors can save significant time and effort in manually entering each transaction. That also helps to reduce the risk of errors and minimize discrepancies in the data.

  • Security

Data security should also be a top priority when selecting a portfolio tracker. Investors entrust their financial data to these platforms; protecting it is essential. The best portfolio trackers employ robust security measures, such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard users’ data.

By selecting a portfolio tracker with these features, investors can make informed investment decisions, optimize their portfolio performance, and protect their financial data.


In conclusion, while there are plenty of crypto trackers to choose from, it is important to remember that no tracker is perfect. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to research your options carefully. By doing your due diligence, you can ensure that you select the best crypto tracker for your individual needs. It would help to focus on what will give you the best control and security over your crypto assets. 

Moreover, ensure you understand how cryptocurrency works and compare prices across different platforms to get a good deal when trading with cryptocurrencies. Finally, don’t forget to check user reviews before committing to any crypto-tracking software or app; this is the most reliable way to ensure the tool meets all your needs. With a little effort, you can easily find the perfect crypto-tracking solution for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to keep track of my cryptocurrency portfolio?

Tracking a cryptocurrency portfolio can be challenging, especially when dealing with multiple wallets and exchanges. A crypto portfolio tracker can make this easier by integrating with your wallets and exchanges, giving you real-time updates on the value of your assets.

Can I use Excel to create a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker?

Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio in Excel may not be ideal due to the volatile nature of the market, which can make it challenging to keep track of constant changes in asset values.

What is the top-rated crypto portfolio tracker?

Among the available investment options, CoinLedger’s portfolio tracking and tax reporting platform stands out. It is highly rated by third-party review websites and enjoys the trust of over 300,000 investors.

Are crypto portfolio trackers secure?

Crypto portfolio trackers typically use read-only APIs, meaning they can’t execute trades or transfers. CoinLedger goes a step further by implementing industry-standard security practices to safeguard user data.


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