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Manta Network is focused on building a better Web 3.0 with privacy guarantees designed from the first principle: applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to deliver end-to-end privacy guarantees for blockchain applications. The project delivers this guarantee while prioritizing interoperability, ease-of-use, high performance and auditability. Manta Network is the only ZK-Snark Privacy Layer for Web3 built on Polkadot. It focuses on the important but unsolved privacy issue, and works hard to achieving its goal of providing privacy solutions to the whole DeFi world.

The Manta token ($MANTA) is a utility token that rewards the token holders with a redeem mechanism on the Manta Pay and Manta Swap usage fees. Beside facilitating the consensus mechanism that underpins Manta Parachain Chain by staking, $MANTA has a burn function. Moreover, token also has a governance function and extended function.

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Manta Network Investment Rounds
ICO IS ENDED: Nov 10 — Nov 13 2021

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100% will be vested over 96 weeks on a linear block-by-block basis

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