A Guide on Free NFT Games Without Investment


There has been a significant discussion around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in recent years due to their capacity to stand in for one-of-a-kind trading digital assets. However, many of the available NFT games have high entry fees. Many individuals would want to learn more about NFTs but are hesitant to take the financial step.

The most obvious benefit of free NFT games is that participants may get a feel for the format before committing any real money. Free NFT games are also a fantastic opportunity for new players to learn about the advantages of NFTs and the blockchain technology that enables them.

In addition, they provide creative people and makers of video games a place to get their work seen and appreciated. As the use of NFTs continues to rise in popularity, free NFT games will remain an important component of the NFT ecosystem. This article will look at the expanding market of zero-dollar-down NFT games. Playing these games is a great way to get a taste of the exciting world of NFTs without putting any money at risk.

How to Earn Money by Playing NFT Games without Investment?

Videogames that include NFT in playing and allow players to win real money are known as “play-to-earn NFT games.” Smart contracts recorded on a blockchain power NFT games, unlike typical economical games with a cash withdrawal. In games like these, non-fungible tokens are used to represent a variety of different in-game assets.

In a play-to-earn NFT game, the user earns digital products by completing in-game tasks, which can be cashed out for either NFTs or the game’s native cryptocurrency. If you have these items, you may utilize them in the game or trade them with other players. Any cryptocurrency acquired in-game or via the sale of NFTs may be cashed out to a crypto exchange and converted to fiat currency.

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What Benefits Do Players Get from Play-to-Earn NFT Games?

Every game developer aspires to have two primary sources of income when they create their games: advertising and in-game purchases. In particular, the first is a very effective marketing strategy. The other optimizes earnings from customers who give over actual money to access premium features inside the game.

If NFT players or programmers use cryptocurrency, the procedure is simplified. Many others have just begun to catch up, allowing them to properly tag their digital artifacts. One interpretation of the play-to-earn concept is that it helps both parties work together to maximize the benefits they get.

On the other hand, applying this system may help gaming businesses create a more robust in-game industry by giving players a voice in how much time they spend playing and what kinds of resources they consume and by rewarding them with bonuses like coupons and unique products for completing in-game tasks including in money known as “gems.”

To add, it seems that players would desire accessibility to incentives that are customized towards them, given that they have previously shown a commitment towards financing these sorts of money transfers.

How to Make Money Playing NFT Games Without Investment

There are NFT games that do not need additional investment to begin playing and earning. The following are the most common strategies for making money from NFT games without risking any money:

  • The process of reselling in-game NFTs. They are often given away for free in exchange for certain actions, given as a reward by the game’s creators, or unlocked by updating from the game’s free introductory pack.
  • Buying and selling the in-game money. Players of several NFT games can earn cryptocurrency via in-game actions, which may then be traded for actual money.
  • A key feature of the game is staking virtual cash. To further your gaming experience, several titles allow you to bet in-game cryptocurrencies.

However, remember that you may need to put in more time—sometimes a lot of extra—to compensate for the absence of financial commitment. As a result, the game may lose its attraction and become boring.

Best Free NFT Games Without Investment

Is it a good idea to make money while playing and having fun? Doesn’t it sound cool? The best free NFT games without investment in 2023 are outlined below. So, let’s examine them:

1. Forest Knightforest knight

Tokens are used as currency in this turn-based game. The crypto game’s world map is huge, and it’s packed with interesting places to explore and fantastical animals to encounter. The goal of this game is to progress through the stages as quickly as possible by crashing ministers and leveling up as much as possible.

When you reach level 6, you’ll be capable of participating in PvP combat against other players. NFT and rare items are awarded for the successful completion of each quest. Now, there are over a hundred items to collect in the game, which is expected to grow. More than that, you can put together a squad of knights with unique skills and strategies.

The city you create and run will be under your economic control. You are responsible for providing your people with enough food, tools, and other basics. You’ll have to gather food supplies and weaponry to keep the monsters and dragons away from your city.

2. Gods Unchained

gods unchained

You can make money if you’re looking for a popular free NFT game without investment. Go no further than Gods Unchained. All new players get a Welcoming Set, which contains 140 playing cards. They are not part of the blockchain and can’t be traded.

In Gods Unchained, players get access to packs containing Common Core cards as they go through the game and gain experience. Also, they aren’t “mined” on the ledger.

Furthermore, players may gain Flux by progressing through the ranks via the Ranked Matchmaking system. One of the tools available in the Gods Unchained Forge is called Flux, which may be used to “fused” altogether two identical Common Core cards. After going through this procedure, you’ll have complete cards on the Ethereum platform that may be exchanged in the Market.

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3. Splinterlandssplinterlands

This NFT game you can play for free is much like Gods Unchained. Similarly, in this game’s version, players construct decks and participate in battles to gain experience, boost their ratings, and acquire rare cards.

However, there are two ways to acquire cards in this game: random booster packs or purchasing individual cards from NPC vendors using game cash. However, decks may be changed into NFTs instead of individual playing cards.

This game utilizes the Hive blockchain instead of the Ethereum blockchain. Several types of mechanisms exist, such as seasonal prizes and the ability to level up cards. What’s crucial is that a player’s overall rating remains the same regardless of whether they win or lose. Because of this, players are encouraged to engage in greater combat because they do not stand to lose something.

4. Cryptokitties


The popularity of Cryptokitties has remained the same with the rise of new NFT games with novel gameplay mechanisms. Five years after its release, the game is still popular. The game simulates the care of pets but does not include any combat.

When a player adopts their first two kittens, the game gives them free food and care in exchange for the kittens’ offspring. Aside from the initial two, any other cats are fair game for traders. Each of them represents an NFT. There is a noticeable visual and statistical difference between the kittens. Those that are more uncommon can only be produced by extensive cross-breeding of previous generations.

Furthermore, there are generation criteria, where a greater number indicates more exceptional characteristics. A player’s every move cost Tether, but they’ll get their money back if they sell a particularly rare cat.

5. Guild of Guardiansguild of guardians

In 2023, a brand-new NFT game was introduced. This massively multiplayer online game takes place in a fantastical universe. The game’s pre-alpha testing phase is wrapping up, and it’s being made for Android and iOS. It is completely free to use.

The core gameplay focuses on creating a group of Guardians and surviving challenging dungeons with powerful raid monsters. Players may ‘build’ unique characters and equipment as they go through the dungeons and win the final fight. All in-game content (things, characters, etc.) is paid for using NFTs that may be traded with other players.

Players must band together into guilds to complete the game’s dungeons. When more people are participating in the guild, the payout increases. There are a lot of extra features, such as pets and power-ups, in this game.

6. Illuvium


The gameplay resembles that of auto-chess games.  The key difference is that in-game avatars are all non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that may be traded like real-world currency. ILV stands for “In-Game Value” and is the game’s money.

The game is presently accessible for play on PCs and has entered the beta testing phase, which is open to the public. The game seems creative and engaging, with various mechanisms and potential approaches for success. It’s a challenge worthy of your best efforts and your most rational brainpower. Withdrawing ILVs to a third-party wallet and trading characters is also possible.

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7. Axie Infinity

axie infinity

It would be best if you were astonished to see that we rated this project as part of the NFT free-to-play games category. You’ll need to put some money into the game at the outset, but first matters. This is a hybrid pet simulator/strategy game. Players raise and train their Axies (such as Axolotl salamanders), then compete in the arena with teams of these animals.

These animals are NFTs traded in a modern market economy. The first trio of monsters must be purchased. You may expect to pay anything from US$200-500 for a trio of animals depending on supply and demand. The governance token, AXS, is used for all purchases and sales and may be moved to another wallet if needed.

The truth is the management endorses a practice where a new player may negotiate with a “game veteran” to get numerous monsters to begin with in exchange for a cut of the military veteran’s future income. On the main Axie Infinity site or specialized groups, locating a player willing to assist you in getting started playing for free is simple.

Axie Infinity price may change so keep track of predicted prices for the upcoming years!

8. Chainmonsters

chainmonster game

There are only so many other projects like this one. Even though it’s still in the alpha testing phase, you may get started with the game for no cost. Those familiar with Pokémon may recognize some familiar elements in this NFT game.

Players explore the globe in search of monsters, capture, train, and compete in tournaments. He uses gaming cash, which he gets by completing missions and defeating enemies. The game’s massive magnitude is what makes it stand out. This game card may be purchased on Streaming and other significant platforms.

The anticipated launch date is early 2023. Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox platforms will likely get their versions on the same day. The whole game world, including all of the creatures and the gear used in combat, is represented by NFTs. This game utilizes the Flow blockchain to function.

9. Coin Hunt World

coin hunt world

While not a normal NFT game, it should be considered with all others when taking games into account. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with augmented reality, similar to Pokémon GO! Players are free to roam their cities using a digital map and a key collection system.

When a player has obtained a sufficient number of keys, he or she will be presented with a quiz question. The right answer will earn the player BTC or ETH. You don’t have to pay anything to play, and you can cash out your winnings, but you’ll have to do a lot of running about town to win big.

10. Blood Rune

blood rune

Players of Blood Rune, a card-based role-playing game, can choose from various heroes with unique motivations. Success, popularity, influence, and love are all potential outcomes here.

The game takes place in a fantasy world of the Middle Ages. Although it is not yet available to the general public, it is among the free games without investment that card game fans can’t wait to try out. It’s possible to make hundreds to thousands of dollars trading cards, depending on their rarity, as the market for trading cards grows.

11. AlterVerse


It’s a choice you’ll appreciate, for sure. The game takes place in a science fiction setting and is played from the first-person perspective. It might solve your issues since it was built using a Novel Financing Technique and features blockchain technology.

As you acquire the NFTs supplied by the game, you may explore the game’s colorful and intriguing space areas. You may gather, trade, and sell the latter to your fullest capacity. We recommend starting with the Hero’s Quest tasks, where you save ships for a payout of tokens.

There are no up-front costs associated with getting started with this game. On the other hand, as you begin your journey, you will be rewarded with things that, even though not NFT, may be used as in-game money.

12. Devikinsdevikins

As a last bonus, let me introduce you to devikins, a well-liked free NFT game created by the illustrious business MoonLabs. You may find and create the people that will serve as your NFTs inside the game, and as you go, they will grow in strength, variety, and value.

You’ll be able to participate in combat with your creatures using a JRPG system with certain features comparable to the widespread Tamagotchi. You will quickly appreciate the fun and addicting nature of the game. Last, there’s zero entry fee to join the game.

In Conclusion

The abovementioned NFT games are only a few that may be played without spending money. In these games, users may earn or acquire NFTs without paying real money. There is no financial danger while playing these games, but they are still a lot of fun.

It’s worth noting that although the games themselves may be free, the NFTs earned while playing them may have monetary value and be traded on a secondary market. When taken as a whole, free NFT games provide a fantastic chance for people to explore the growing field of NFTs without spending any money. We hope you’ll get the best knowledge about how to play free NFT games without investment.

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